Our team passionately believes that individual growth is the key to organisational growth. Tandem was built out of a desire to harness feedback and personal development to deliver extraordinary results for organisations and individuals.

Our Founders

Jim O’Brien: Chairman

Jim O’Brien, Founder and Chairman of Tandem, has had a long career in consultancy specifically focused on the areas of Performance Management and People Development. Jim established his own consultancy practice People Partners in 2005, building on his previous 10 years’ consultancy experience with global HR and Training consultancies Hay Group and Mercuri International. People Partners serves a wide range of multinational clients.

Jim has delivered bespoke training and consulting interventions for clients in Ireland, UK, Scandinavia, USA, China and Japan. His experience in Performance Management inspired the foundation of Tandem, having noticed that the key area that drives successful Performance Management (regular feedback) was consistently neglected by Managers across many Organisations.

Jim’s qualifications include BA (Hons) Management and MBS in Organisational Behaviour. He is accredited in a variety of Psychometrics and is a member of the British Psychological Society, CIPD and IITD.

Aisling Teillard: CEO

Having spent a long career in HR, Aisling Teillard moved into Consultancy, where she specialised in the area of performance management. Prior to Tandem, Aisling held a series of HR Director Roles, spanning over 20 years, in Organisations including O2 Telefonica and SAP. Aisling was responsible for establishing and running Telefonica’s first centralised European shared service and expanded this operation to drive Research and Development for HR Analytics and Digital strategy. As Board member to SAP, Aisling led the establishment of new offices for SAP across Ireland and China, in parallel with her HRD responsibilities.

Throughout her career in HR, over a variety of industries, including AIB Capital Markets, ADT Security, and Consultancy roles in both Greencore and Smurfit, Aisling has driven change management programmes throughout. A truly global perspective led her to join teams in local, European and Global operations, bringing exposure to multi-generational, dynamic workforces that incorporated a myriad of different cultures. With a research Masters in HR that focused on the topic of performance management, Aisling has long held the belief that traditional performance management is fundamentally broken and a new alternative is needed, leading to the establishment and passion for Tandem.

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