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Reflections on Talent Summit

          A lot of my life is spent going around HR conferences across Europe and the States and while they are always thought provoking, after too many coffees and snacks you usually leave conferences a little more tired than you came in. Not so with the talent summit, I doubt there […]

The Inbetweeners

Life as an HR Director is always interesting, varied and full of surprises and for the most part enjoyable…except for that one month every year that made me question my profession and career choices…January. Not only had you your own January blues to contend with but pretty much everyone else’s too. Facing into the odd […]

Las Vegas from the HRD seat

What a busy and incredible week at HR Tech in Las Vegas. The past few days here at the Venetian, I have been struck by the transformation of HR over the last 5 years, where we are now is almost unrecognizable to its former self.   The future of HR is awash with AI/robots/machine learning […]

Manager Maturity Cycle

We forget how hard it is to be a young Manager, to manage people for the first time, to wonder if your team think you’re a bit of a flake or even worse. The insecurities that all young Managers face are probably the hardest part of the journey to becoming a great leader. In the […]

Continuous Performance Management

There is a lot of focus on the idea of continuous performance management or sometimes referred to as continuous performance assessment, the idea that feedback should be a continuous process and happen in the moment it matters. It’s hard to argue with the case for continuous feedback that should happen in a timely and relevant […]

The untapped lever in your strategy

The Board meeting that none of us relish, things aren’t going so well, revenues are down and the business is facing its greatest challenges. Where do we look to resolve our challenges? Sales, we need to double down on high growth clients, what are the pipeline opportunities. Our brand doesn’t resonate with particular segments of […]

In search of Yoda

Performance management and talent management have long been the biggest sources of conflict between HR and the business. Despite endless search for objective data in the form of surveys, 360 reviews and even assessment centers, they remain largely subjective conversations that happen both inside and outside the boardroom. This is how careers are really made […]

Science Direct Paper: Role of Managers in Management of Change

Tandem knows that change in organizations doesn’t happen overnight and therefore, the science behind it is worth exploring. That’s why we found this article, which investigates the crucial roles that managers must embody to drive change in organizations. 10 minute read Role of Managers in Management of Change